At Fittox ABN No. 61 923 552 287 we are committed to protecting 
your (the client) privacy.
We only collect your name, phone number and your payment details for the 
processing of your membership and your e-mail address for sending out information. 
We do not disclose your information to anyone else or a third party, we use a secure 
payment system: EziDebit payment system which is on a secure server which offers 
excellent security for credit cards, bank cards, EFT and other payments.

Website, Youtube, DVD and TV Disclaimer

Any data or information on our website, DVD's, TV, Youtube or our videos is information 
only and we do not intend to offend anyone. The above channels for information does not 
take in to account the clients personal circumstances and/or the clients circumstances 
or cultural backgrounds. By viewing any material by the client by these information 
communication channels, Fittox or any person that's a part of Fittox is not responsible 
for the images displayed. Fittox the entity takes no responsibility for the loss of 
damage resulting on the content or information provided here, by Fittox, it's employees 
or members.

Client/Member Injury Disclaimer

Fittox the entity, ABN No. 61 923 552 287, takes no liability or responsibility for 
client/member injury either in the gym or outside the gym which is still considered the 
premises of the gym. It is the client/members responsibility to ensure no injury occurs 
and not the responsibility of Fittox.


Fittox does not store cookies, you as a viewer can change browser settings to disable 
cookies if you have privacy concerns. The best option is to disable and enable cookies 
on a per site basis.