Nathan spent ten years sitting at a desk for eight hours a day, taking pride in avoiding any form of movement practice and exercising only his mind.
A severe back injury led to a second ten year journey exploring all the pain management and rehabilitation options under the sun until realising the answers were already within. Learning to re-connect the mind with the body, Nathan now shares what he’s learned, continues his own movement practice and writes standing up.

60 Minute Personal Training Nathan White
60 Minute Personal Training Nathan White
60 Minute Personal Training Session
Price: $65.00
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2 Day Program Nathan White
2 Day Program Nathan White
A variety of exercise catered for you over 2 days and do not assume that you have to have previous fitness experience. Nathan White will run through a personalized program for you and the program will be yours from then on.
Price: $50.00
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In order to improve my strength and reach my personal goals sooner, I took up personal training
with Nathan and within 2 months, I have seen a marked improvement. I have lost weight, toned and
strengthened in ways I didn’t know possible. Nathan’s practical, positive and super motivating
approach sees me enjoying my training – even looking forward to it – as I can now see and feel the
improvements in my technique and overall strength.

In addition (and perhaps most importantly), the attention to technique and form has seen me no
longer requiring regular osteotherapy or remedial massage! Since training with Nathan, I have
discovered the areas of weakness in my technique and muscle groups, focussed on strengthening
and correcting and I haven’t had lower back pain for MONTHS! Nathan is particular about form with
all clients and refuses to allow people to attempt exercises unless form is correct.
Nathan goes above and beyond the call of duty – motivating messages, extra-long sessions – just to
make sure moves are consolidated, sharing resources, training tips and setting up meets with other
clients who train at the same level. I can contact him with queries at any time and he will always
respond with a helpful answer. His encouragement during sessions and confidence boosters really
add to a feeling of accomplishment and I am super grateful for his dedication and the A+ effort he’s
put in to helping me SMASH my goals out of the water…


(Conor Hickey)