Owner Fittox Jesse Di Michele

I may have lost a solid 2 years of training for myself.

But to see and to hear all the good things about this place, makes me very pleased.

I want to thank you all. I’m proud to take a piece of my life away and continue growing Fittox for many more years to come.

With my certificates III & IV, I have gathered the confidence to teach/train &
push to the most optimal results humanly possibly.

Cert III & IV (AIF)Masters
FISAF First Aid Level 2

11 Years Personal Training
20 Years Mixed Martial Arts (Boxing/Kickboxing/MuayThai)
Lifetime experience General Fitness
11 years group fitness Instructor (Spin/Boxfit/Cross Fit)

Athletics Conditioning
Strength Training
Muscle Growth
Recovery Training
Core Strength
Muay Thai

Jesse’s Training Deals: PH 0400 226 888
Get Full Training Programs with Jesse’s Guarantee for 95%-100% results

Specialty: Body science. To me, training is an “ART” no matter what. You want to work on something, it takes skill, patience, and balance

Along comes Strength: I believe the human body has so much capability, in just the term strength

What I aim to do: Hahaha, better myself every day, don’t we all

What I am doing: Getting my clients the results they want. I love my job and what I do. It takes you and me together, in gaining what you wish for and call a successful result.

My Personality:  Straight forward, honest & from what I’ve been told and know for a fact, I’m very patient. I practice what I preach, and always have faith in my clients needs.

Personal Training Packs with Jesse Di Michele
Personal Training Packs with Jesse Di Michele
30-40 Minute Personal Training Session Package Deals
Price: $190.00
Package Options :
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Jesse AchievementsAbs Jesse Fittox6 pack comp winner! Was a $500 prize Yay!

It was an 8 week challenge consisting of skin fold and measurements
I began at 15% body fat
Won at a tiny 6% body fatOne arm Push ups FittoxLooking for a Sponsor:

To make a Guinness world record
I can do 82 one arm push ups in 1 minute.