george-qualCert III & IV Fitness (AIF)
First Aid Level 2
Group Fitness instructor (Boxfit)
george-ex5 Years Personal Training
7 Years Kick Boxing
9 Years Body Building
14 Years General Fitness

Specific plateau breaking training
Bodybuilding Nutrition & Supplementation
Bodybuilding Training & Programs
Minor Rehabilitation
Body Imbalance & Alignment
Strength & Powerlifting
General Fitness
Muay Thai
Boxing training


Weight Achievements:
150kg flat bench press
150kg incline bench press
150kg decline bench press
230kg deadlift
200kg squat

My goal in life as a kid, like most kids growing up, was to be a sporting athlete. that sport was soccer. It was a passion of mine that lasted several years but had to be put on hold for a while due to injuries and other study commitments.
After a while I was drawn in again to the other side of soccer, the indoor format, due to its even higher pace and skill levels in the sport. The love for the indoor format brought me to another form of indoor training, and that was the gym.
I used it a lot while I was studying at Rmit University. Though my initial path at that time was to be an architect, I couldn’t help but get drawn to the gym at a regular basis. Learning correct techniques and feeling the pump in the muscles was a feeling I later realized was not understood by everyone I knew, only a minority. I convinced myself that the tremendous pain I felt after every workout, which sometimes lasted for several days, was actually good for me. I knew that this was what was going to give me the results I needed. I had entered the world of bodybuilding.

Being a chubby kid growing up and then learning to lose all the weight at a young age already gave me an understanding of body transformations, but building muscle onto a body that had no muscle was a challenge.
The nutrition side of bodybuilding, the supplementation, then the correct timing of it all, came later as I pursued my goal of becoming a bodybuilder. As I grew, not only physically, but psychologically, I put my course aside and decided to study a course in fitness which caused a lot of controversy with friends and family.
My new goal is to teach to young kids and those new to the fitness world that training can be enjoyable, as well as very beneficial. You just have to put in the right time and dedication, but most of all have patience. I’m always learning from new trainers and even people I hardly know at gyms always surprise me with new and innovative ways to train.


Client Achievements:
Female client; lost 10kg in a 10×30 minutes pt package
(Personalised toning & fat loss training)

Female client; leg press 300kg [below] for 9 reps, weighing 55kg
(Personalised strength training)