Priscilla Rouillon

* Competed for IFBB federation for Figure competition in 2004 and 2005.

* Focusing on training for a future competition ahead.

* Made the local paper about being a fit mum with 3 young Kids (at the time) and   fitting in a fitness schedule with a busy life.


About ME…

“IT’S more a personal achievement within myself  …I have been training for many years but I am always striving to reach more goals. The way I see it is that you should only be competing with yourself. If you set your mind on something you want and have a vision about it you will achieve it and be a winner amongst yourself”’

What makes me happy is too see my clients love coming in to train with me even if I need to push them a little harder and they walk out feeling great about themselves.

Personal Training Rates…

45 minutes session.. $45

5 pack…(45 mins)      $200          

10 pack..(45 mins)     $400

20 min cardio session $20

Program writing and Teach 1 hour …$60