JIU JITSU Self Defense

Reuben Haines
Reuben is an experienced martial artist and athlete with a background in freestyle wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu, boxing and kickboxing. Reuben has trained in various martial arts since the age of 16, he has competed around the country in Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu and trained athletes for various sports in coaching roles in his hometown of Newcastle, NSW
Brazilian Jujitsu is a grappling martial art hailing its roots from Japan and cultivated in Brazil when Mitsuyo Maeda taught the art to the Gracie Family. It became popularized in 1993 when Royce Gracie competed in UFC one, a no holds barred martial arts competition were he defeated multiple opponents on the same night who far outweighed him proving the effectiveness of Brazilian Jujitsu over all of the other individual martial arts. Since then it has spread rapidly across the world and is considered to be the premier self defense martial art due to its emphasis on leverage allowing smaller practitioners to overcome much larger attackers