Andre Jordan


andre-qualCert III and IV in Fitness
Level 2 first Aid
Cert III and IV in Business
Currently studying a Diploma of Fitness
Looking at doing much more in the near future.

Muscle Tone
Weight Loss


Represented Victoria in American Football (2013).
Was an overweight student at high school and lived a sedentary lifestyle with a bad diet.
Began hitting the gym when I was in year 10 and changed my life around
Won overall MVP for my final season of American Football (2014).
Won Offensive Line MVP in American Football (2012).
Won Defensive Line MVP in American Football (2013).
Did Taekwondo for 5 years.
Played Aussie Rules for 4 years.

I remember receiving my first ever dumbbells for Christmas four years ago. I’d watch the NFL and do bicep curls during the commercials. From there I decided to set foot in a gym after months of doing home workout routines with nothing but two dumbbells and a bench.
Ever since then I’ve been going to the gym consistently and started what I hope is a very long term relationship. But it has only been the past two years that I have realized I want to take it to the next level in terms of competing in bodybuilding.

Personal Training:
My specialty is training people who are looking to slap on kilos upon kilos of muscle all while losing body fat. I especially love training competitive bodybuilders, or any athlete for that instance. I have the knowledge to help you excel at any sport you play, all whilst preventing and avoiding injury. Come to me with a postural abnormality and I’ll fix you right up. All this plus much more if you decide to come train with me.